Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spam of the day

this just arrived in my mailbox...

"To alshington, thanks.l of my friROBERTS: Oh, my goodness. ends who didnt get to see me oencies and hopefully BP as well has a chance to ln the channel 6 news last sunday discussing my blog, and financial.success story. I'm sending yoy in fishing or vice versa, or many time, the samu the link to my bloknow, they spent (ph) so much money, are they goig, so you caAVLON: Good to see you.n read the whole story on how I learned how to become financially indepeommunication, private side, public side, so therendent and weal out and say that they had one-night stands with thy. at Here"

Use the word "indepeommunication" in a sentence. I dare you.